Quick update!

Hey guys!

This is just a very very quick post to just say that the first blog post back after my “break” is Friday 2nd of December. See you then!





Hey guys! 

As you are well aware of I haven’t had any posts this week. This is just a short post to say that there won’t be any posts next week either. I’m having some sort of let’s call it a “break” from a lot of stuff right now including blogging. Not gonna lie I love blogging very much hence why I do it! However, I think I set myself up with a bit too much to do including 3 blog posts a week. I know many of you will be thinking well it’s only 3 blog posts a week but I have school and I have to complete all of my schoolwork etc. Also there are quite a few family issues I really just want to focus on that. I am going to use this time to maybe write a blog post or two and to think about what I want to do with my blog in the future! I really hope you understand! Bye for now!



Random things at the bottom of my handbag!

Hey guys!

Sorry today’s post is later than usual. I was tagged to do this by friend Heather. I have mentioned her many times before and done many collabs with her so go and check them out!

1. Cotton bud- These were in my bag to remove mascara dots etc

2. Some receipts

3. Compact mirror- You never know when you will need one!

4. Mascara 

5. Some fake blood left from Halloween

6. An empty chewing gum packet- Oops? 😂

Thanks for reading! Bye for now!



October Favourites!

Hey guys!

Sorry today’s post is a little later than usual. It’s November which means that we are officially coming into the Christmas season! Today I’m going to do my October favourites and I’m going to get straight into it!

1. Studio London Contour and highlight palette. I did a review on the contour one if you would like to check it out if you havent already!

2. Comforter bubble bar from Lush. I feel like this is just a go to product from Lush!

3. Gossip Girl, for those of you who don’t know it is a tv show in Netflix 

4. Soap and glory smoothie star spray

5. This ones unusual but lollipops 😂

6. Throwback playlist on Spotify

7. Can i have my bed as one please?🙏

8.No7 essentially natural foundation 

9. Seventeen stay time concealer

10. Sevetenn Mircacle Matte Pressed Powder

Thanks for reading!



Review on the Studio London Contouring Palette

Hey guys!

Don’t think I’ve done a review in a while so thought I would do one for you today! I’m just going to get straight into it!

This contour palette is £5 which I find just absolutely great for the quality of the product. I’m pretty sure it is exclusive to Superdrug and it is selling with all the other gifts and sets for Christmas. 

The set comes with the 3 different shades. The highlighting (whitey colour) the medium toned and the darker toned shade. They are all a cream consistency. 

This little set I find is so useful as it comes with a built in mirror which will be perfect on the go! It also has a little instruction sort of guide on the inside of the set. This is very useful for those people that are beginning to contour and may need a little guidance. 

These are the shades as a swatch…

If you ask me these are really easy to blend, they are of good quality and they are at an amazing affordable price. I would recommend these to anyone especially those who are looking for a good quality contour palette at a drugstore price without paying loads and loads!

This is the best contour drugstore set I have found so far! 

Thanks for reading! Bye for now!



Cosy evening checklist 💗

Hey guys!

I’m just going to get straight into this!

PYJAMAS/LOUNGEWEAR- A cosy evening isn’t right without these! Am I right?

Candles- These smell so good and set the atmosphere. Personally, i don’t use them but we do have lots of them in the house. My advice is to get some Yankee Christmas ones as I feel these make the nights more cosier because of the fact they are CHRISTMAS!

Food- Get them cupboards stocked up with treats!

Bath- A nice warm bath, even better….. lush Autumn products!!

Hot chocolate- Don’t really need to explain just a simple traditional “autumny” drink, in my opinion.Image result for hot chocolate

Netflix/film/youtube- Don’t need to explain at all! Image result for netflix

Some good chats with friends- I just love messaging my friends and having a good chat with them!

Thanks for reading! I feel like this was a short post but I couldn’t really think of much else!

Bye for now!



Questions tag!

Hey guys!

I love these type of posts as you probably already know! I’m just going to get straight into it! 

Zodiac sign- Aquarius

3 fears- Spiders, sea and hmmmm…. big rides

Last song I listened to- James Arthur, Never letting go ( I think it’s called that 😂)

3 things that upset me- Other people being upset, people calling someone you like and hmmmm…. I can’t choose a third one,there’s so many 😂

3 habits I have- Biting nails, asking other people questions they cant answer for me (a bit like thinking out loud) and once again I can’t think of a third one 😂

My favourite food- Can’t say I have one but I love pizza!!

What I did yesterday- Went to McDonald’s with my friends, then we went on a longish walk back to one of their houses and then I came home and skyped one of my other friends and that was about it! 

My current relationship status- Single

Do I have my ears pierced- No

I feel like this is quite a short post but oh well! Bye for now!